• Han Guo

    Hi, my name is Han Guo

    a third-year undergraduate at 

    UNC Chapel Hill, majoring in

    computer science, statistics.

    I'm working in the

    NLP / Machine Learning group

    with Prof. Mohit Bansal,

    and my research interests lie in

    the intersection of 

    Natural Language Processing

    and Computer Vision. 


    • 2018-05 Thanks NSF / ACL Walker Fund for travel award.
    • 2017-11 Thanks UNC Office of Undergraduate Research for travel award


    Dynamic Multi-Level Multi-Task Learning for Sentence Simplification

    Han Guo, Ramakanth Pasunuru, and Mohit Bansal.
    Proceedings of COLING 2018, Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Area Chair Favorites)

    Soft, Layer-Specific Multi-Task Summarization with Entailment and Question Generation

    Han Guo*, Ramakanth Pasunuru*, and Mohit Bansal

    Proceedings of ACL 2018, Melbourne, Australia.

    Interactive-Length Multi-Task Video Captioning with Cooperative Feedback

    Han Guo, Ramakanth Pasunuru, and Mohit Bansal

    Proceedings of NIPS 2017, Long Beach, CA (demo papers).

    [NIPS Page]

    Towards Improving Abstractive Summarization via Entailment Generation

    Ramakanth Pasunuru, Han Guo and Mohit Bansal

    Proceedings of Workshop on Summarization Frontiers, EMNLP 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    [Paper PDF]